The company
Skriptorium Global Ltd (formerly Skriptorium Ltd) provides comprehensive solutions for foreign-language projects to government, industry, educational establishments and individuals. At Skriptorium Global we combine language translation with technology and projects progress from translation to any output format, digital or printed. With 15 years of experience, we have the knowledge and the expertise to help you communicate to the world.

Our philisophy
Translation is the transfer of the meaning of one language to another. Translations are substitutes for the original texts. Therefore, they have to render the content of the original message accurately and to read naturally and fluently in the “target” or “receiving” language. Any utterance of medium length can be translated in more than one way and all of these translations can be correct. This variability demonstrates the huge versatility of the human mind. Machine translation is limited by the meanings embedded in its memory. It is not context sensitive. It is not culturally aware. It is not imaginative. And it is no match to the flexibility of the human mind. We DO NOT use machine translation.